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Author page: Medhavi Jain

Learnings from my recent visit to a cowshed cum research centre

Since I came in touch with the concept of Veganism, I started contemplating about the painful animal agriculture and its' harmful effects on the environment. To know more about cows' suffering what can be better than to visit a cowshed (cum research centre) and have a talk with the responsible…

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Happy Independence Day

Those who have read a bit of literature on partition, know that it was not at all a happy moment for millions of people. Overnight they were uprooted from their centuries old dwellings. Lakhs of people marched from India to the neighbouring country & from there to here. Thousands of…

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What to do if you find a dead peacock

[su_quote]Efforts are never wasted and in the process they strengthens one's faith in them which eventually turns into confidence[/su_quote] The reason behind this quote has its roots in a sad incident of today's morning itself. When I saw a peacock that died just at that time only, (I saw the last…

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A Sarcastic Poetry on Death

Hello friends, Recently I've heard of a few deaths and also I have been to some uthaavanis. My observations have made me write this poetry. Nothing personal. हालाँकि स्वयं का जन्म और मृत्यु तुम्हारे हाथ नहीं किन्तु सुनो, अपनी मृत्यु की प्रार्थना लिस्ट में ये कुछ इच्छाएँ भी शामिल कर लेना…

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A poem dedicated to Indian housewives

कमाल है, उसकी वजह से घर, घर होता है उस संग जागता, उस संग ही सोता है वह घर के कण-कण में रहती है फर्नीचर, पर्दों, रसोई के बर्तनों में बसती है फिर भी अपने वजूद को सबमें तलाशती है सबकी आँखों में अपने व्यक्तित्व की पुष्टि चाहती है ओ…

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A Tribute to The Modern Indian Girl

Hi friends, Some recent observations about the urban Indian girls made me write these lines. Despite all the conditioning of mind, through families, relatives & society; she is confident, fearless & ready to face the world. Enjoy reading. वह आज की युवा लड़की: - जो गालियों का उपयोग धड़ल्ले से करती…

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