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Learn to dissolve judgment in 5 easy steps

When we start our journey towards self-improvement, we have to peel off the layers of our own preconceived notions & beliefs, one after the other. We learn to deal with our negative traits & the energy oozed out from them. According to me judgment comes in some of the top self-generated problems. Here is how…

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To all the women with love

मैं स्वयं से प्रेम करती हूँ अपनी सोहबत में प्रसन्न रहती हूँ. अपने मन की दुविधाओं से जूझती उहा-पोह में विचरती स्वयं की सलाह मान लेती हूँ. अपनी व्यस्त दिनचर्या में से कुछ पल निकाल दर्पण के आगे, स्वयं को निहार मैं मुस्करा लेती हूँ. जानती हूँ, उम्र बढ़ रही है फिर भी अपनी गरिमा पर मैं मुग्ध होती हूँ. जीवन में जो भी करती हूँ अपना…

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Keeping low flame of emotions

क्रोध हो या मान लोभ हो या माया धीमी आँच. दूर हो या पास भूख हो या प्यास धीमी आँच. जीवन को सरल बनाना है मुस्कराते हुए बिताना है तो, धीमी आँच. जैसे धीमी आँच पर पका भोजन है बेहतर वैसे धीमी आँच पर जिया गया जीवन है परिपक्व आओ, करें धीमी आँच. Have a great day friends!!! Medhavi :-)  

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Gratitude O mother Universe

Wherever my money is going Abundance… Whoever is providing service to me Gratitude… Whoever I am providing service to Thankfulness… Where there is tension Peace of mind… Where there is sorrow Bliss… Whoever is ill Good health… Where there is violence Tranquility… Today & everyday What else can I ask for O mother Universe. Have pleasant evening friends!!! Medhavi :-) [wysija_form id="1"]      

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How to decide that you are ready for coaching?

What is Life-Coaching

Life coaching is altogether different from consultancy & therapy. Here the coach makes you believe in yourself, reminds you of your strengths & gives you honest feedback. A coach never tells you what to do, instead she helps you find your own solutions.

Google & Wiki definitions of a life-coach

Google: A person employed to help people attain their goals. Wikipedia: Coaching is training or development in

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Accumulation & Shedding

When I do something good, satisfactory I can feel that I've gained something Not only at an outer perspective But deep inside. On the contrary When I hurt someone I can see The loss is mine. But when I keep mum Avoid unnecessary talking When I control my aggressive reactions I can feel the real shedding happens. Because somewhere I understand It's all about attaining a zero. Happy day…

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Honest… Fearless

Dawn arrives Because it has to. It doesn't wait for anyone To be happy or sad about Wanting or not wanting Loving or hating. It's beyond mere constrictions And so does the sun, the moon The wind, the ocean, the earth. They are honest Hence calmer Fearless & unanswerable. Pleasant day pals!!! Medhavi :-)

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