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A Call From Mrs. Sudha Murthy


I got to know about Mrs. Sudha Murthy, when I picked two of her books from the book-store. 'The day I stopped drinking milk' and the other one was 'The old man and his god'. It's my habit that I store books in advance, sometimes it takes me months to start reading them. Same happened with these books. After a few months I started reading the previously mentioned book. As soon as I opened the book I realised that Mrs. Murthy is an author and chairperson of Infosys Foundation

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Clear conscience, where there are no mysteries, no secrets, no guilt, no negativity, no hatred, no tension. Only love..... only positivity..... only compassion.... Can we expect a world like that? I think we can.... :-) Have a wonderful day friends!!! Medhavi :-)

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All the superheroes have these common traits: -They are not born superheroes, they are made. -They never give up. -They too make mistakes, sometimes even terrible ones, but still they learn from them & move ahead. -They are also as human as us. -They also feel depressed & demotivated sometimes but they overcome these phases…

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Express yourself

Expression is a beautiful way to tell the world of who you are & what you think? We express our thoughts by our speech, our facial gestures & by our hand movements. But when we find these simplest means are not enough, we take help of our passion. If someone…

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What good books can do for us?

A good book takes us to a journey, to the events happening in that book. We see them through the eyes of the author. Obviously we can't feel the pain or happiness described ina ny particular moment but at least we can understand it. And this understanding can change our…

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