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Quote of the Day

Lack of confidence is a waste of energy. Now, we have to decide whether we want to waste this energy on getting nervous, not taking any step in life; or to put it in more positivity or in achieving our aims in life. -Medhavi :)

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A Poem- Badlaav Ki Avashyakta”

Hi Friends, Here I'm sharing the poem "Badlaav Ki Avshyakta", I got the idea of it from Mr. Chetan Bhagat's book "Revolution-2020" In this poem I've tried to convey that is it necessary for every student to get 90 or 95% marks? Why do we judge a teenager/student by his/her marks? Is…

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Language is just a mode of communication, any scholar of any particular language can be proved illiterate for a language unknown. A person should be smart enough to make his way around the world or to handle a particular situation. Language has nothing to do with one's intellect or knowledge. Then why…

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Krodh Kiya To Kya Paya

Krodh kiya to kya paya, Kya manushya ki samajh mein yeh aaya? Doosron ko kiya dukhi, To khud bhi kaun sa reh paya sukhi? Na samjha abhi tak veh, Kasht diya usne khud ko hi. Kisi ko daanta, kisi ko maara, Kisi ko dhakka diya. Is ek kartoot ne kitnon ko rula diya. Shaant raho bhaiyya na karo itna…

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