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Pick up your bag & depart

Today, just pick up your bag and depart for the journey. A journey to have your own experiences, own faiths, own beliefs, own explorations, understandings, risks, struggles and to live your own life. But don’t forget to put conscience, honesty, hard-work and courage, into your bag, among the advices of your genuine well wishers. Because no matter how many good advices someone would give, its us who have to travel our journey.

And then survive to tell the tale*. Keep adding your explorations and experiences into your life’s diary. May be one day you would feel the need to share your story with the world. Who knows where life would take you to? So don’t wait for the right time. The only right time is now, while you are having all these ideas. Otherwise they wouldn’t have come into your mind.
Just like I’ve written this article just now and I am going to post it as soon as I would stop writing. Who knows if tomorrow is there or not?

Wishing you all a very peaceful and thoughtful weekend friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

*I’ve taken this slogan from the woodland ad.

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