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Selfless Opportunism :-)

Aren’t we all opportunists? Everyone, each one of us always sees, analyse, observe each person or situation thinking what benefit can I get from this ( person or circumstance). We live completely a self-centred life. Everything starts from us & ends towards us. Nothing else matters actually. For example- in any relationship, don’t we think what the other person has done for us? Aren’t every passing minute we keep analysing his/her dedication towards us? What we have done for him/her always remains a second thought. This is true for every relationship.
In our social world too don’t we meet anyone to take some opportunity from him? The moment we meet someone immediately we start thinking what is the best use I can make of this person, which is obviously in my favour. No, we don’t think the other way round. In fact in the outer world this opportunist feeling is even stronger; out there we are even more self-centred.
What if start thinking opposite. Like if we just remove the feeling of seeing somebody as an opportunity and become self-less. Whenever we meet someone, rather thinking what can I get from him in my favour. We would think what can I do for him? How can I help him grow mentally, emotionally or in terms of wealth? How can I get the best out of him/her for his own good only. So that she can grow personally. And if we could do this, wouldn’t that be wonderful! The amount of satisfaction it would provide would be immeasurable & abundant. And the feeling peaceful, satisfactory! It’s a tough thing but if we would achieve this kind of state of mind that would be amazing! And that’s not all, that would lead to our tremendous personal growth which would be calm, spiritual & serene. We would feel as light as a feather. We would be happy, calm & in a state of bliss.
That would be even better if we start looking at the other person as what can I learn from him; no matter if he is poor or rich, adult or a child, well off or a labourer anyone, if would see them as an opportunity to learn from them, that would be even amazing!
So the conclusion is what if we start working as selfless opportunists? Whenever we meet someone instead of thinking what can I get from him without giving anything in return; we would think what can I give him & in turn what can I learn from him.
Haha… I know sounds very saintly but I think things would be better then. In terms of peace, satisfaction & answerability.

Happy day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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