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Meet Medhavi

Exploring Life As it Comes

Life transforms when a higher self taps into your being. It happened to me almost ten years back. I became a philosopher, writer, dreamer, life coach, a research scholar & now a youtuber. Nothing much but today I have 8 books, 7 Research Papers, around 2000 social media posts (in the form of poetry & quotes) & almost a thousand blogs, to my credit. It was all possible due to an introduction to the higher self which was lying idle within.

Dreams don't stop here, they keep poking me everyday with newer ideas for future projects, on which I work tediously. I aim to share that knowledge with everyone, which helped me transform.

Access that which has the power to transform you

People Speaking

Medhavi ji though I have known u since a year. I am deeply thankful to u for taking me with u on this enlightening journey of Samaysar. While reading this scripture I feel more inclined towards knowing the essence of Jainism.

Shalini Jain

You have changed my life in past few years.

Sunita Jain

I think thanks is a small word to express our gratitude I hope your efforts would at least make us reach somewhere from nowhere –

Mrs. Anita Jain

Recent Blogs

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Garbage is not that which we see openly in our surroundings but that which we get rid of secretly, in a way which one is unable to grasp that how much harm that causes to our environment, and in the long run to mother earth. Be it physical garbage or abstract. Imagine an Indian…
My Review on Dr. Padmanabh Jaini’s autobiography ‘Coincidences’ (Yogãyoga)
When a 95-year-old, looks back at his life, he is distant enough to see and analyze its occurrences, how events took place, how achievements were accomplished and how the cosmos worked in his favor in various adversities. And when that man is a scholar, the observation becomes even deeper. As soon as…

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