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My review of Chamkeela, Laapataa Ladies, & Manjummel Boys

Spiritual knowledge is incomplete without experiencing it at the horizontal dimension. When our belief in good cinema was almost at a dying edge, there came a few movies that transcended the constrictive boundaries of how much money was being spent on making them and how famous were the stars in…
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Remembering my father-in-law on his third death anniversary

आदरणीय पापा जी, आज आपको गए तीन वर्ष हो गए. हर बार की तरह कल सुबह घर में हवन है एवं सभी साइट्स पर भण्डारा. मानव स्वभाव की विचित्रता पर हर दिन मुस्कुराती भी हूं एवं विचलित भी हो जाती हूं कि आख़िर क्यों जब व्यक्ति भौतिक जगत में होता…
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Meet the Founder: Dr Medhavi Jain

When I went through a spiritual transformation after coming in touch with the ancient wisdom of the Jain Philosophy of India, my real journey started, and a name began to pop up in my mind day and night: ‘Dharma For Life’. As if a divine force guided me. Within a few days, despite not knowing the technicalities of launching a website, I started my blog in 2011 and started to write and express my naïve thoughts in the form of blogs & poetry.

Fortunately, I came in touch with Hindi literature, which gave me a clearer & better understanding of religious philosophy. Parallelly, I was on my academic journey of gaining degrees, like Masters & PhD. And now, I am honoured, obliged & humbled that I am taking this initiative to another level of exploring India’s ancient wisdom.    Join my mailing list to receive updates about the activities of DFL by dropping your name, contact number and email in the Reach Us column. Do visit the playlist on my YouTube channel, Dharma For Life, to see the recordings of all the activities. Sending good vibes to all

Dr Medhavi Jain
Dharma For Life

Access that knowledge which has the power to transform you

Dr Medhavi Jain’s Presentation on the inauguration of Dharma For Life​

Public Speaking

Medhavi ji though I have known u since a year. I am deeply thankful to u for taking me with u on this enlightening journey of Samaysar. While reading this scripture I feel more inclined towards knowing the essence of Jainism.
Shalini Jain
You have changed my life in past few years.
Sunita Jain
I think thanks is a small word to express our gratitude I hope your efforts would at least make us reach somewhere from nowhere –
Mrs. Anita Jain