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Truth is universal and objective. I believe Jainism is a philosophy with all the answers one can ask for. At the same time I am aware that other religious philosophies have their strengths too.

My aim of writing, whether poetry, blogs, quotes or stories, and of doing PhD is to enhance my own knowledge and also to help people find answers to their queries. As I believe there are many who are searching for the same answers.

Though being a Jain scholar my research papers are related to Jain philosophy, but you will find that my writing style is not biased and I try my best to be objective. Perhaps my belonging from a mixed culture has given me comparatively broader and more acceptive perspective.

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Research Papers

  • Whenever one is used to of something since birth or early childhood, be it one’s own culture, values, tradition or religion as in this case, then it is taken for granted, becomes stereotype and may not attract the same value, interest or newness by one’s own attitude. Then one may get interested and attracted towards other avenues. I think this is the current scenario of Jain philosophy in our country.

    There is a genuine and an urgent need of revival of interest, attitude and understanding by Jain philosophy’s disciples in our own country first and afterwards on a global scale.

    As Jain philosophy seems to be very tough to be understood, generally our own people do not try to go into its depth and decipher its true worth. In contrast there are a few westerners, scholars from other countries who have dexterously gone through the Jain philosophy, grasped it in a more diligent, unbiased way and honestly dedicated their whole lives to spread its true message. This has happened because somewhere they have understood the core, the gist of the matter and how it can satiate their rational quest for Truth, God, Karma, Universe and the ultimate purpose of life.
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  • Despite being the oldest philosophy of the world, Jainism fights for recognition today at a universal scale. Though it’s followers spend huge amounts of money for its spread but still there is something which is, perhaps, not right. I’ve tried to throw light on the reasons of the same.

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  • When one starts thinking about life and its happenings as nothing but sheer natural law, acceptance towards life is welcomed by one. Contemplation about the consciousness and its attributes, one’s ultimate goal and karma may fall under this category along with many other thoughts.

    In this context when one comes into touch with Jaina Karma Theory, one feels relieved that this is what one was searching for, till now. The minute way, the karma philosophy has been discussed and elaborated in Jaina Darshan, is commendable.

    When I tried to engage the same topic with modern issues, I was mesmerized that how wonderfully the Jaina Karma Doctrine can solve one’s queries about looking at occurrences of one’s life.

    In modern times when the religious philosophies have been selfishly molded into the favor of humans, where they are bound to bow their heads in front of the irrational God, out of complete fear; this philosophy teaches us to be independent, free and answerable to the self.

    In this paper I have tried to throw a light on Jaina Karma Theory, by describing briefly about what is Karma? How does it get bonded with the soul? How the process of shedding the heavy karma particles takes place? And how accumulation of lighter karmic matter helps the soul to attain higher, knowledgeable dimensions?

    How important is it to know that the higher the intensity of performing a particular karma, the longer will be its duration of sticking with the soul.
    How karma are related to personal ethics of a human, where does free will stand and how through understanding karma, we can improvise ourselves to make this world a better place for us and for the generations to come.

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  • I’ve tried to compare the modern perspectives of mind with what mind is in Jain philosophy.

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  • I truly believe that religious philosophies teach us to be immensely modern. Unfortunately they have been moulded and described by humans in favour of their own selfish motifs that they seem orthodox.

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