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My YouTube Channel MJ TALKS

Hello friends, Recently I launched my YouTube Channel MJ TALKS. Do visit & subscribe @ Very recently I have shared about the end of my vegan journey, about which I was quite passionate. Do visit that specifically & do share with the vegans you know. They should know the negative side of the same. Best Medhavi

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Being Vegan

Find all smoothie recipes at So Vegan Facebook Page. And for the rest search on google by typing the exact recipe name as mentioned. Also friends recently I launched my YouTube channel MJ Talks. Do visit to see me talk about: life, transformation, philosophy, objective truth, poetry, feminism, veganism & on many other topics. Peace Medhavi :-) #veganism…

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Why I am part of this literary family

In the picture you can see: Mrs. Sheela Dutt (Medical Superintendent, Batra Hospital Delhi), Mrs. Sudesh Chawla (who has won the battle of breast cancer very recently), Mrs. Bina Jain (the bold woman behind this group's activities), Mrs. Manjeet Brar (The eldest amongst us but the youngest in terms of traveling the whole Delhi either…

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