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Remembering my father-in-law on his third death anniversary

आदरणीय पापा जी, आज आपको गए तीन वर्ष हो गए. हर बार की तरह कल सुबह घर में हवन है एवं सभी साइट्स पर भण्डारा. मानव स्वभाव की विचित्रता पर हर दिन मुस्कुराती भी हूं एवं विचलित भी हो जाती हूं कि आख़िर क्यों जब व्यक्ति भौतिक जगत में होता है हम उसके सहज ज्ञान…

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Dharma For Life Celebrated Great Indian Women in Jain Literature and Society

On the sunny afternoon of April 6th, 2024, Dharma For Life, a unit of the Tulip Foundation, became a hub of intellectual discourse and celebration. Professionals, Homemakers, and people from all walks of life gathered to honour great Indian women in Jain literature and reflect on the evolving essence of womanhood. The meticulously organised event…

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My review on Mr Vijay K Jain’s work of devotion: Kalyāṇamandira Stotra

Very recently, I received yet another work of devotion and wisdom from the famous scholar of Jainism, honorary Mr Vijay K Jain, titled Kalyāṇamandira Stotra, written by Ācārya Kumudacaṁdra in 6th Century CE. Mr Jain has not only beautifully translated all 44 ślokās of the Stotra but has also added explanatory notes, wherever needed, to…

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Inauguration: Dharma For Life

“Dharma For Life Premiere: An Evening of Wisdom and Wellness”, held at The Tulip Clubhouse on January 20, 2024, was a noteworthy intellectual event organised by Dr. Medhavi Jain, the Founder of Dharma For Life. The purpose of this event was to foster intellectual engagement and cultural exploration. The event commenced at 2:30 PM with a…

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My Podcast- Mann Ki Medha

Hello friends, Recently I got an invite to be a weekly podcaster with an initiative of the HT team named: health-shots. This is a website that is meant to solve the queries of the millennials, esp. women. I am talking about various issues here including the challenges youngsters face in their everyday lives. Plus as a life-coach…

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