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My review of Chamkeela, Laapataa Ladies, & Manjummel Boys

Spiritual knowledge is incomplete without experiencing it at the horizontal dimension.

When our belief in good cinema was almost at a dying edge, there came a few movies that transcended the constrictive boundaries of how much money was being spent on making them and how famous were the stars in them. After 12th Fail, where despite the most adverse circumstances, the courage to own stark honesty was shown, I watched Chamkeela, Laapataa Ladies, and Manjummel Boys.

The impact of good movies on society is similar to the impact of good literature. They influence our subconscious to an extent that helps us live our lives better.

As a philosopher what I learnt from them, here is a quick glance on that:
Chamkeela: In the long journey of evolution, the soul travels from downward dimensions to the highest of realms of the universe, from sheer indulgence in the reproductive organs to the sheer bliss of the crown chakra. And in Kaliyuga, as most of us are wandering in the pleasures of the downward dimensions, the topic of sex attracts even larger masses than spirituality. Undoubtedly, one can only evolve by exploring the downward dimensions completely. Hence, the artists who give a satisfying and exciting glimpse of indulging in those realms get famous. However, one must remember that an artist is a creator, a first-hander, and his fame indicates he is serving what has been demanded. Hence, he should be respected, and his work must be cherished at any cost.
Laapataa Ladies: Besides the beauty of innocence, courage, and bravery, this movie also expresses the underlying goodness of human nature beneath corruption. Every dialogue, scene, and character is not only meaningful but also teaches us important life lessons.
Manjummel Boys: I am mesmerised by how authentically the movie has been directed, envisioned and explained, as if we are the direct spectators of that horrifying experience. The film touches on the nooks and corners of our minds’ innate fears and how, through our inner courage, we can overcome even the darkest and most profound of insecurities. The movie also depicts that help from the heavens doesn’t need to be visible; countless people around us appear ordinary but are highly evolved and have immense leadership skills.
Hats off to the actors, directors and all the teams who’ve worked behind these commendable movies.

Finally, I would like to add, ‘Good cinema is like good literature; it serves society in unprecedented and immeasurable ways’.
Appreciating good art is Dharma For Life, too.
Peace & good vibes
Dr Medhavi Jain
Dharma For Life

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