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Just like a cricket coach, a hockey coach or any other sports coach guides players to perform better on the field, by tapping into their personal powers. A life coach guides one to do the same, in one’s life. Just like the coach & the player, put equal efforts for the latter’s performance; in life coaching the coachee (one who is getting coached) has to be ready with his/her goals & one has to be dedicated enough to put the required efforts & time into getting coached.

A coach is a partner in your journey of achieving goals. She is a professional friend, who will treat you un-biasedly & non-judgmentally. A person, on whom you rely on. 

We all are dreamers in some ways. We want everything to be perfect. Be it a relationship, our family atmosphere, career, job, emotions or mental piece or anything else. We have some short-term goals & some long term as well. Once your goals are clear & you are ready to work with a partner on the journey of achievement; but still sometimes you don’t feel motivated enough to move forward towards them or often you don’t know how to proceed! At that time you can think of working with a coach. 

Take this test, prepared by me, to know if you are someone who is ready to get coached.

The coach asks you many questions, related to your goals or to find out if your goals are clear. Then during the sessions the coach helps you to decide small weekly goals for yourself. They work as a base for the next session. The coach may provide you many things, like affirmations, after each session, which she may find beneficial for you. 

The coach always restrains herself from giving you suggestions or advising. As it’s your life & only you know how to handle its adversaries. The coach guides you to your solutions by tapping into your mind’s realms & by creating confidence in you. 

It completely depends upon you. As soon as you find that your goals are near or that you are ready or confident enough to achieve them on your own, you can stop working with the coach. However, in future whenever you need any kind of support, a coach is always there to help you.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your first free session with me.

Please note that the sessions can be performed in either Hindi or English, whatever you are comfortable with & in today’s high technology times, distance doesn’t matter at all, we can have our sessions on Skype or phone.

Love & Peace

Life Coach Medhavi Jain