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Spirituality and religion


I don’t know what spirituality is all about. I just accept that there exists a consciousness in me and going towards it’s natural state, which is calm and knowledgeable, may be called spirituality.
I don’t know what religion is all about. I just accept that it is something which takes one to the truth, to the pure consciousness, which is one and same for all and is beyond all hullabaloo. That which shows us the ultimate path, takes us towards bliss, tells us about the chief goal of this existence, may be called religion.
And if going towards the pure and knowledgeable consciousness, achieving a blissful state is religion, how can it be many? It has to be one, for it’s not about you and me, its about the consciousness.
My bliss can not be different from yours. My peace is the same as yours. Because no matter what our cast, creed and language is, definitions of bliss, compassion, knowledge and love are same in all.

Pleasant evening pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂