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100% Usage of brain


Watched a stupendous Hollywood movie last night named Lucy, starring Scarlet Johansson. When due to some drug reaction, this girl  achieves a state where she can use 30,40,60,70 & then 100% of her brain. Whereas a normal human uses only 10%. The movie shows how she starts traveling from gross to subtle, as the percentage of usage of her brain increases, she becomes more and more intelligent, a face & thought reader. She can feel the gravity, the blood running in her veins. She can even see the water & food transportation system of trees with bare eyes. She can track anybody, anywhere in the world and can get to know what that person is talking about. Of course languages are not shackles now. She reaches a state which is beyond fear, desire and pain.
The movie ends as soon as she acquires 100% usage of her brain and becomes omniscient and omnipresent.
Now this is interesting, especially for spiritual seekers. Of course this is what spirituality is. About going from gross to subtle, controlling one’s mind, self-restraint, learning, gaining knowledge and through this, to achieve a pious and divine state. Here 100% usage of brain (plus many other factors) is enlightenment. And obviously this state can not be achieved through any miracle but it is a step be step gradual process.
The movie ends at a negative scene when the girl converts into black matter and then disappears. While spirituality is all about white, soothing, positive vibes.
I really wonder if we combine technology and spirituality and make a movie which conveys a message of real integrity, real intelligence (which can be used to save humanity), and at the same time to maintain real peace of one’s mind.
Let’s hope!

Happy Monday friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂