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Let’s Experience The Naked Honesty…


We live casually, shallowly, randomly,
Enough! Enough of this kind of living.
Come friends! Let’s start a journey,
A journey towards the soul.
A journey, which is profound,
A journey, with a purpose.
A purpose to serve the soul.
A purpose not to integrate the whole world,
But to integrate ourselves first.
A purpose completely selfish,
To find our own truest wish.
Coz until we won’t combine ourselves,
How can we combine the world.
Until we won’t lead ourselves,
How can we ever lead the world.
Until we won’t be independent ourselves,
How can we tell someone to be the one.
Until we won’t be honest to ourselves,
How can we expect honesty from the person unknown.
Until we won’t respect our own individuality,
How can we respect someone else’s personality.
Let’s be answerable to ourselves first,
If we want to question the world.
Let’s save our souls.
Let’s experience the naked honesty.
Let’s experience the naked honesty.

Read this concept of naked honesty in the book Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.
Thank you for your time buddies.
Have an honest weekend!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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