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Alas! This world would only be breezy


Whatever we see today, whichever product we use today, is a result of concentrated consciousness. It means the person behind that product has not wasted his energy and time into useless things. Rather he has chosen to utilize some of his infinite energy in a positive way, into creating something.

This is really hopeless that thousands of people on our planet are indulged into terrorism and are wasting their conscious energy into extreme negativity and hopelessly that too on the name of God. This is indeed hurting.
Can not it be controlled
Can not their minds be mold
Can not the rest of the world tell them this is not right
This journey is about conquering the inner fight
Alas! it could have been so easy
Alas! this world would only be breezy.
Have a contemplative day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂