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I wonder how relationships take place in our lives. Obviously they have a seed from a long, immeasurable time in both the carriers.
Today I am analysing my relationship with this Semal tree and wondering how I didn’t have any attraction towards trees especially this one, when we shifted into this house nine years back. I couldn’t even see this magnificent tree through the place I observe and fall in love with it now. Then after few years our house underwent some renovation, a wall was broken to give way to a big glass door. All this while I developed an interest towards words and expressions and then slowly this relationship started.
I often used to observe his patience, meditative aura and presence. I wrote many poems & write-ups on him. And this love  is still increasing with time. And I can feel it clearly that this relationship is mutual. He also loves me back, whenever I park my car under its shade, I get a protective feeling.
Today I am thinking if this wall wouldn’t have been broken, this relationship wouldn’t have been started. No matter for how long I would have lived in this house, perhaps I wouldn’t even get to know or even notice his existence. It was destined I guess.
Glad to be in a relationship with you dear Semal. You show an amalgam of pride, patience and purity. You hold an exaltation of an old, experienced human. Who knows and bears everything but speaks nothing. Who never looses his calm state of mind irrespective of the circumstances.
I wonder how many realms of yours are yet left to be explored!

Happy Sunday evening pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂