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My dear smart phone


No doubt being human too
I have proven myself weak in front of you.

My will power surrenders each time
When my hand reaches for you
To check any notifications on FB or messages on whatsapp or even emails.

Often you work as a miracle
But sometimes as a jerk
Who snatches away my peace of mind
If I don’t see you for a while.

I didn’t even get to know how you became a habit
I wonder how often you pull me out of my orbit.

Of course the world existed before you as well
But now I feel how could it!

Indeed you are a blessing in humans’ life
Who almost, always help us whenever we want to thrive.

But I have to understand it soon
That you are just a machine
Indeed you are a boon
But it’s me who carries intelligence’s gene.

So here is a promise to myself
That from now on I will limit myself with you
Gradually my desire, to hold you often, would subdue.

But I have to admit your help is undeniable
See in this time of need
When my internet is not working
You’ve created a temporary wi-fi zone through hotspot
So that I can post a blog.

Happy day pals!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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