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Path of knowledge & bliss


Whenever I feel confused
When my mind is full of complicated thoughts
About religion, different philosophies, beliefs & faiths
When I compare all of them simultaneously.
Trying to analyse which one is the best
Which one shows us the way towards the truth
Which one gives us true bliss & shows us the way towards inner strength & positivity
I feel entangled in this vast web.
And then a single thought oozes out in the same corner of my mind
That any entangled web can be untangled by solving one block at a time.
I know it’s a long journey but the most stable path to proceed is to study & understand each philosophy unbiasedly.
Experience each truth on your own
Observe it, assimilate it
And then decide your opinion
That would be your way, your path & your bliss!
Pleasant weekend friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂