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Tell Me O Moon!


Tell me, how much should I write on you? You won’t let me sit and write on some other topic. You want me to write on you only. When I raise my head to see you, I forget everything, every other idea going on in my mind halts and I get lost in your innocent beauty.

Since the full moon day you are decreasing day by day and not only that; you even keep changing your path, bit by bit. Yes, I noticed that day before yesterday you were a bit in the west and with each passing day you are moving towards the southern west. Telling us again that everything is relative. West is not west only. It, too, has many, perhaps infinite, directions in it; from the far north-west to the farthest realms of south-west and all the wests in between. I am thinking there may be people, who would have been abusing you, but it seems you are too innocent to care or you are at a level where these things don’t matter. Hmm… I think the latter one is true. So, it’s one more teaching.

One day you have to tell me where do you keep your hidden part? Is that to be shown on some other earth or is there some other reason? How old are you and for how long would you live? Why there are these dark patches on your skin? How many of your siblings rotate in the universe and what are their purposes as well? Just right now, at this particular moment, I know many of the seekers must be observing you, must be getting awed by your glory. So, is there something you want to convey through or between all of us or its us who have to get and understand the untold messages? What is your relationship with the sun?

Look, you are going to set in a few minutes as the tremendously glorious sun has arrived. I know you are not going to tell me anything. This is also your way to tell me, “Dear, where there is a will, there is a way.” Ha! Of course if I love you, I admire you, your qualities; obviously it must be me to gather information about you, to explore more about you. Why should you be bothered? Okay, got it. But I won’t stop until I would write as much as I can, on you. I’m telling you. It’s a divine challenge for me to prove my love for you. That’s all for now.

Okay, buddy! Have a good day. See you in the evening.

Medhavi 🙂

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