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A real rat experience

Rats, irritating creatures
Of course I respect them due to humanity
But obviously not in my home.

Few months back there entered one
Into the basement of my abode.

I applied all the tricks to expel that mouse
Which went in vain
I didn’t want to use any violent means
That was the strain.

And lo! She gave birth to her offsprings
Which must be a wonderful feeling for her
But for me it was haunting.

I could see few of them crawling
They ate the lid of a ghee container
Were going in and out playfully
I saw & waited for them to leave my dwelling gracefully.

When everything seemed to stop working
Through my mind
I tried to convey a message to the mother
That I am a non-violent creature
Please don’t compel me to use a violent measure.

Though I didn’t have ‘that’ strong faith
That it would work
But to my surprise after a few weeks
I noticed now there are no jerks.

I was so merrily amazed
Deep in my heart that ‘rat’ I praised
I thanked her to got what I told
She kept my faith.

Indeed there are lots of experiences
Which are impossible to unfold.

Perhaps she chose my house for her delivery
Tho’ I was a bit quivery.

Pleasant day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂