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Your silent exaltation

photo (3)

O Semal tree! See today I’ve explored another dimension of you. My eyes are inevitably comparing you with your fellow trees standing around you. And as I can see clearly you stand out amongst them, you look extra ordinary. They seem to be just existing while you seem to be living. You are enjoying to be a tree, you are completely satisfied with your tree ness. You neither have any regrets nor any unfulfilled desires. You are happy and contented with wherever you are, whatever you have. You have a decent royal ness in you. You look so graceful and gorgeous. So full of green, dense leaves. Indeed you convey lots of messages.
Really! I am in love with you. Can’t stop myself from looking at you and from boasting your magnificence. Glad that I’ve got this opportunity to see you, observe you and have the ideas to write upon you. Yes, I love you.
I can see your silent exaltation
As if you are contented as a universe’s creation.

This tree stands just next to our house on the street.
Sharing the real image.
Happy day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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