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Religions Are Agnostic

All religions are agnostic, the more one dives deeper into the river of religion, the more he finds that there is no God but The universe. Then only we can say that God is in every particle of this universe. And here we can directly find ourselves connected to God (universe) too. This justifies every query.
When I was unaware of what life is all about or you can say when I was dumb. I used to believe in God, truly, honestly & badly. I used to think there must be someone who is running this cosmos, who is keeping track of everyone’s karma & giving results accordingly. I used to be afraid of that super power.
But fortunately, due to my reading habit I developed a keen interest to study dharma. And it’s said where there is a will there is a way. I found a guru who taught me, about life, God & the ultimate goal of every soul’s journey. Then only I got to know that there is no God, religion is agnostic. But it wasn’t easy for me to accept this bitter truth because by believing in this statement I found myself all alone on the spiritual path. It means there is no one to whom I can look up to? To whom I can follow? There is no one on whom I can put any blame that why have done this to me and so on…. There is no one to protect me at time of an accident, there is no one to secure me. I’m all alone, all by myself only. And hence I am the only one accountable for whatever is happening with me. When I first heard this statement I was stunned like how can it be possible? But slowly & gradually when I digested it, when I tried to believe in this statement, things started to become clearer. It took me almost two years to believe in this completely. In this period I wrote around 225 poems & around I think 150 articles. I filled up six notebooks by whatever came in my mind, observed everything quietly, like what is the science behind everything & believe it or not after studying dharma now I have become agnostic.
Now I am more sensitive, more emotional, more understanding, more calm, more observing….& so on.
I strongly believe in love & non-violence & I know where does these two traits stand on our journey. And now I consider the Universe as God. I thank the Universe every time, for every thing, for my existence, for every particle.
By believing in the universe we can find the answer that why it is said that God is every where, in every particle. Now we can keep track of our karma also, scientifically. And now we can have all the answers logically. 🙂
Thank you for your time & patience friends. May be you have different point of view but no arguments. We all have the right to keep our faith.
Medhavi 🙂

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