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Sharing my travel experiences to US

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Whenever we travel to a foreign land, we feel excited & find ourselves full of enthusiasm that we are going to explore one more destination. Where we will meet new people, find new cultures etc. which would add a lot to our learning journey.
As soon as we landed in New York in the wee hours, I could see the full moon shining brightly in the NY sky, giving messages of equanimity and friendship. And then the beautiful day began. Every person, everywhere in the country first greets you & asks you, “how are you doing today?” And when you take leave from them they never forget to wish you a good day or a pleasant evening. On each step you will hear a thank you, whether it’s an officer at the airport or a manager in the hotel. And if it’s you who is saying thanks, each time you’ll hear a polite ‘You are welcome.’ Whether we are crossing the road or standing in a queue, there is always a safe distance. Really, we are not used to of such daily etiquettes here.
Advanced technologies, tremendous infrastructure, well managed events, smooth roads is what a developed country is all about.
One day I curiously asked my husband, why India is not like that? He replied, “Everything has a cost. The expenses we are bearing here are the cost of maintenance and the services, they are providing. But in India nobody wants to spend money on maintenance and services. Everybody thinks that it’s their right to get these things free. We have to change this mindset of ours.” I completely agreed with him.
No doubt, US is very expensive. From taking a trolly at the airport (5$), to asking for the onions (3$) in a restaurant. Everything has a cost. If you want to keep the luggage in the hotel’s cloak-room, there is a charge. If you want some crockery in your room, there is a daily rent. Even if you order something from the room-service, they charge for the delivery as well. I’ve heard that Asian hotels are the best in terms of hospitality, this time I felt it. And there is a tip system too, no matter what your billing amount is, you are expected to give a tip. Strange!
I used to smile that in India, we don’t value these tiny things like a free plate of onions, in a restaurant. In fact we think it’s our right. Haha…
I read somewhere once that US is the country which produces largest amount of garbage. Which is true because the way people are dependent on plastic, is astonishing. From water bottles to packed food, cans, tetra-packs etc. and in each of them there are innumerate choices. Use of disposable utensils is very common too.               photo 2 (2)

Indeed they have tall buildings but the amount of electricity they consume is excess too. Big LED screens everywhere, shining through out the day & night. It is said that with money comes power. But that is also true that the habit of wastage also comes along.

We met some taxi drivers from Pakistan too, who are settled there from the last 25-30 years. I was surprised on how familiarise we feel, when we meet someone from our neighbouring country, in a far away land.
We made some new friends on the trip. We went to their place for dinner. They are settled there from the last, almost 20 years, but the way they are connected to their roots and the way they follow everything Indian there too, is commendable. In fact it is an example for the people living in India. Who are leaving their culture behind.

No matter what, we can learn a lot from their management skills, discipline, mannerism and growth. It’s up to us that how much can we take out. There is a long way to go.

Finally, after coming back home, I felt more refreshed, more enthusiastic towards my dream. I cooked food after the long holiday, the fragrance of freshly made home-cooked food was just awesome.
Sharing the images of the NY skyscrapers taken from my iPhone.
Happy day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂