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Remembering my teachers


In my childhood I used to think if we are dedicated enough towards the divine, there is no need of a mediator. As it is between the divine and me. But today I realise how wrong I were. Because this path can not be attained without the help of a teacher or guru. The guru lights up our path towards self-improvement and self-purification; tells us about the the ultimate truth and how to proceed towards that. Amazingly, he does that by showing his tremendous faith in us, by helping us find our hidden capabilities and by criticising us at the right times, by motivating us towards betterment. He does this gradually, by keenly observing our faith, dedication and by realising if we are ready to proceed towards a particular path or not. This is the teacher’s grace.
Of course this is an inner & individual journey and no one can force us into anything. But a teacher slowly pushes us towards it. By giving answers to our innumerate, curious questions and by satisfying our logical reasoning.
On this Teacher’s day I remember both of my teachers, Aryika Shrut Devi Mata Ji & Late Acharya Gopi Lal Amar Ji, with great respect and humility. Yes, without you all this would have not been possible.
No matter where I am, your thoughts and guidance never leave me. Respect for you always increase. I always try to understand your sayings and the hidden message in them.
Happy & respectful teacher’s day.

Have a pleasant day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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