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A tribute to my guide and teacher Acharya Gopilal Amar Ji


An Indologist and a Jain scholar, Acharya Gopilal Amar knew Sanskrit, the Prakrits, Hindi, Bundeli, Urdu and English and was M.A. in ancient Indian History, culture and archeology, Jain Darshan Acharya, Dharm-alankara, Kavya-Tirtha, Sahitya-shastri and Sahitya-ratna. He served at Bharatiya Jnanpith, New Delhi for 32 years as the Research Officer and Editor.
In 2010 I got to know about him after reading his book ‘Victory Over Violence’. I called him and showed my interest in dharma and the journey of guidance started. He, not only taught me, but helped me improving my writing skills tremendously and motivated me to study further. Yesterday morning I got a call that he has departed peacefully in sleep. Despite being 79 years of age, he was perfectly fit and fine, he was not on any medication, his teeth were all fine; he had never required glasses.
I was shocked to hear that, he was like a father figure for me. I found myself asking the death: ‘No death, you are more. You are more than what I can think of. How can it be so easy for you?’ And this bhajan was started going on in my head, ?????? ?? ???? ????, ???? ??? ???? ??? ????.
Whenever I used to show lack of courage or confidence, he used to motivate me and guide me, he had a strange, strong faith in me. He was the one who used to be happy on each of my achievement.
I am feeling lost. Who will guide me now? No, you cannot go like this. I know you are here, nearby only to show me the way in future too. And I know that too that presently you are at a superior & happier plane.
I pray to the universe to take care of you wherever you are and I know that you will be my guide again, in all my future journeys.
But for now my hearty tribute to you. RIP my teacher.

Though I always think that I should not share any grief with you but this is unavoidable.
Good day friends!!!

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