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Awesome, Indescribable, Beautiful, Serene Ladakh!

What a tremendous country we have. 45 degrees in Delhi, and just one hour’s flight away we can see chilly, snow capped mountains. Which are beyond description, magnificent, grand and are just there patiently since a long-long time. It seems we have many countries in one. People from fair to dark, lands from desert to snowy, languages from hindi to many more… Places so vast.
photo 1 (1)When we landed at Ladakh’s Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport it seemed as if we were enclosed in a box and now somebody has opened it and we are free in an open vast space to roam around, to breathe freely and to spread our arms to welcome this beautiful place. Clearer, bluer sky; clouds seems nearer as if we can touch them. A different world, a different 2 (1)
Leh being located at 11,500 feet height, every new comer is suggested to take rest for the first two days to get acclimatised with the new surroundings. Otherwise there are sure chances of mountain sickness. (Which we all got) Haha… Nature, you are amazing!
When we are in Ladakh, we feel as if we are blessed with a divine vision that we can see as far as we want. Brown mystic mountains with snow on top and open vast land. Mountains which seem as if they have some stories to tell. Treeless mountains, as if a person with a different personality, whose eyes wear an expression of naked truth. Bare mountains which hold beautiful, surprising, serene, pious, crystal clear waters of Indus and Nubra river, Pangong lake, muddy waters of Zanskar river and many other. It’s simply amazing!

photo 3        photo 4
When we traveled to Pangong lake, which is located at approximately 14,272 feet. We crossed the world’s highest motor able road Chang La Pass, 17780 feet. At that height also where circumstances are so difficult that it’s tough to breathe and where one’s conscience starts giving up, there were army people, doing their job. Indeed, after this trip, I have a lot more honour for the army men for whatever they do for the nation. It is beyond any other service.
But I have some recommendations based on my personal experience:
– Please take the health related note written at the Leh airport seriously, as it suggests you to take rest for at least 24-36 hours.
– Don’t go on higher places like Pangong Lake or Nubra valley in the first two days. Forget the travel agent’s pressure to cover them.
– Carry vaseline, moisturiser, sunscreen, cap and sunglasses with you as the place is very dry as well as the wind.
– If traveling through plane, please make sure to get your camera ready to take pictures of the beautiful mountain ranges.
A land of Lamas, army men, monasteries, Stupas and boundless beauty. Indeed we had a great time there.
When we landed at Delhi airport the pilot announced that the outside temperature is 40 degrees. I felt a slight pain in my heart but then I was happy that I am back home.

Image credits to my son Siddharth. Image 1 & 3: on the way to Pangong Lake, Image 2: Pangong Lake, Image 4: Sangam of rivers Zanskar & Indus.

Happy day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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