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Trip To London & A Week’s Learning

London pic

Sitting in the hotel room in London; viewing Big Ben, River Thames, London Eye & The Parliament House. The sun has just arrived, the same sun which shines in India. I’m observing the sky, the winds, the trees, everything is same. The difference is in the infrastructure, the people & the weather. Suddenly I got an idea while observing Big Ben; I started thinking as if I’m in India. And I felt so happy that I can’t tell you.
India as a developed country, India with strong infrastructure, with even more dedicated workers & civilians. With even more honest politicians. Where the citizens think & feel their responsibility towards their city that they have to keep it clean by not throwing garbage here & there; by putting it only in the dustbins provided by the government. Where everybody walks around the river Thames & no one throws any flower-garland or plastic bottle into it.
Where women can freely roam around in their bold dresses & no one stares at them as it’s none of their business. Where otherwise also people don’t make women feel uncomfortable by their looks. Where they respect each other’s individuality. Where everybody does his own work precisely, honestly & dedicatedly.
Where the government is honest & keep their people’s interests at the first place. Where they put the whole money allotted for any particular task into that task only.
Haah! I spent some days in London thinking that I’m in India & they were quite good I must say.
Sharing the image which I took from the hotel room through my i pad.
Thanks for your time buddies.
Have a cool day ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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