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Bless me O sun!

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Hey sun, I wonder how much can be written on you. About your grandeur, magnificence, patience, beauty……and so on. There is always left more to explore.
I admit nowadays you are at your peak to give us heat and frankly speaking it’s unbearable but still it’s not your fault, you are simply doing your karma. Its us who are weak; unable to take it as it’s too much for us to handle.
Just observing some shade plants in my house and noticing that though they can not bear your heat openly but it’s you only who helps them grow because no matter where I keep them in the house their leaves always look for your presence and move towards it. How wonderful is it! This too is a tiny part of your infinite qualities. Indeed, you are indescribable.

I bow down to your divinity and magnificence
Bless me with your energy
Help me to find the sun ness in me
Give me the courage to walk on this path unstoppably
Besides all these give me your humbleness
Bless me O sun!

Happy day divines!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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