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What Can We Do For The Society?


The incidents happening in our society like rapes, deaths, suicides & increasing painful diseases; bound me to write. To write as much as I can, to write on various issues, to observe them, analyse them, think about them with an unbiased perspective and write. These things motivate us to do some real work. To understand that there is a big-big reason behind our existence, behind our healthy body and behind our peaceful state of mind. There are reasons behind everything.

                        If one is healthy, he should serve the society with his health.

If one is wealthy, he should serve the society with his wealth.
                       If one is balanced & peaceful in his life, he should serve the society with his balanced state of mind.
       If one is educated, he should serve the society with his education.
In any of these cases or otherwise also one should always be ready to serve the society with whatever he has.
Well! What is your help to the society friends?
Thank you for taking out time & reading my thoughts buddies.
Have a thoughtful day ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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