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The Body & The Consciousness – A Conversation

body & soul

One day there happened an incident interesting,

When the body & the soul start conversing.

Body said, “Look! I’m so beautiful and visible,

But no one can see you, you are so fictional.

I’m the one, who faces the flows & obstacles of life,

And you, the one who lies there unaware of all the strife.”

“I’m the one who takes birth, grow & play,

I don’t know where do you reside, seems you are stray.

I can make relationships with people,

And they can love back.

Oh! Poor consciousness, what a wreck!”

The consciousness smiled politely & said,

“My dear body, yes indeed you are beautiful.

But do you know how over the period of time

I’ve accumulated this beauty for you?

Yes, you are visible,

But I reside in every tiniest atom of your body though invisible.

And the day I leave you is the day when I complete one more

 Journey of mine unconditional.

Just think, can you exist without me?

If I won’t be there you will be just like a leaf fallen from the tree.

Yes, it’s true; you take birth, grow & play,

But don’t forget it’s my journey & you are mere a display.

Yes, on an outer perspective you face everything in life.

But it’s me who gives you the strength to deal with that strife.

Yes, you make relationships with people,

But it’s the qualities of mine which they love back.

Because I communicate through your eyes,

I make sure to them where your future lies.

I’m not poor & stray,

I’m immortal, it’s you which decay.

But above all that’s also true that alone we both are nothing,

We have to be together if we want to do something.

So, come let’s join hands and make our plans,

Together we can do wonders,

And find all the answers.

Come friend! Take care of me as I look after you,

It’s collectively only that we can breakthrough.”

Thanks a lot buddies.

Have a contemplative day ahead!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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