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Bye, Bye! Have A Nice Day!!!


Bye, bye! Have a nice day,
Enjoy yourself,
Respect yourself.
Learn new things.
Explore the world,
Observe your surroundings.
Understand different point of views.
Be calm, friendly, honest, understanding & positive.
Have faith in yourself,
Never loose your self-confidence.
Show gratitude,
Value nature.
Live fullest, do your KARMA,
Coz this is your DHARMA.
And the rest will be taken care by the universe.
Life is as simple as that.
So, have a nice day!
Enjoy yourself….
Haha…. I always say the first two lines to my kids whenever they  are leaving for the school. Today, just got this kiddish idea. 🙂
Have a really nice day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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