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This Diwali, Just Let Them Go & Feel Free


Things that you don’t require anymore,
Just let them go and feel free.
Just let go of them and feel lighter and feel free,
Feel blessed.
Let them go, freely flow,
Where they are truly needed.
Whether its edibles, clothing, money or any other thing.
Think and believe that this is the universal rule,
Things and situations always work like that.
From less to more, then in a balanced state,
And then again from more to less, then in a balanced state.
Every emotion, each belonging act under this rule.
At last everything has to come to a zero,
To that perfect state.
Where there would be neither negatives nor positives,
Neither gains nor losses.
Neither happiness nor sadness.
Come! Let’s do this and feel free.
Come! Let’s do this prior the universe starts taking them away from us,
Let’s do it with our own hands and feel free.
Let them flow where they are truly needed.
Let them go where they are really required,
And feel free…

A Very Happy Diwali in advance friends.
Have a pleasant evening!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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