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Where Dark Consciousness Resides


Visit some places where dark consciousness resides,
Lust, anger and pride.
Disgust, irritation and ire,*
Guilt, tears and dire.*
Negativity, destruction and perversity,
Violence, hatred and animosity.
Why, I ask why to run away or hide from them?
Aren’t they too part of our lives?
Isn’t it true that if we are divine somewhere,
We are the devils too?
Why do we always want to prove ourselves a hero in others’ view?
Is it because this is what we have been taught,
To be honest sometimes and to be a fake trot?
Then where is our true form, which is free from all the outer learnings?
I want to visit those places where dark consciousness resides,
How does it operates, controls us and where does it hides?
I want to meet it, experience it, analyse it and want to get over it,
Yes, I want to defeat it through my positive vibes.
Coz I know light consciousness is the one this world requires,
Some moments of unconditional, pure love and some of honest desires,
Of course the desires which are unbiased.

*ire- a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance
*dire- causing fear or terror

Happy week buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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