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Don’t Find Meaning in life? Still, Be Happy :-)


You do your daily chores/ your job with a heavy heart because you don’t find meaning in them. Then also be happy because as soon as you will find your meaning, which would be your passion for life, it would not let you sit. It would not let you rest. It would keep motivating you to move ahead into it’s direction. Till then just be happy, keep looking for your reason of being here and by your happiness only make it easier for your meaning too, to find you. Keep looking for it happily, spread positive vibes wherever you go, smile at people, at animals, be humble, if commit a mistake, apologise for it transparently, heartily. And then you’ll find your meaning or the other way round, your meaning will find you.
Always remember happiness comes to those who are keen for it. How? By staying happy only. Your meaning of life is your happiness, it would come to you, sooner or later, look for it but don’t worry about it. And one day may be in a glimpse or due to some happy turns in your life you would find it. You will find your passion, your reason of existence, the reason of being here, the task allotted to you by the universe to accomplish on this earth. That would be the time of real celebration. Wouldn’t that be?
Till then keep doing whatever you are into, try to give your best and most of all be happy and spread positivity.
Remember, just like you, your meaning is also searching for you. Make it easier for your passion to find you, by your happiness.
All the very best.

Happy saturday & a very happy weekend buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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