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Yes, I Live Here… But I Don’t Belong To This Place


Yes, I live here,

But I don’t belong to this place.
Yes, I eat food,
But this is not the real thing which provides me energy.
To think, to grow internally, to nurture, to analyze.
Yes, I’m rich, I’m famous,
I have properties, jewels and money.
But these are not my true assets,
Of knowledge wisdom, intellect and soundness.
For this journey is different, eternal, mingled yet completely separate
from this material and physical journey.
The journey of Karma, of soul,
of consciousness.
My knowledge is my true asset,
Which multiplies itself while distributed.
My wisdom is my property,
Which can accommodate each soul.
I may grow physically,
But my intellect is forever young.
For this journey belongs to the soul.
Moment after moment,
Time after time,
Cycle after cycle,
It would go on and on and on…
Until the whole universe would come under this knowledge.
Each point of view, each perspective,
Each reality would be shown in front of this sight.
Until I would achieve a demeanor,
Which is purest, most serene, most tranquil of all.
The day I would achieve this knowledge, conduct and sight,
Would be the day to achieve Godhood.
A moment of eternal bliss,
An instant of freedom.
Then I would live in that kingdom,
Forever and ever and ever…
Just came back from a trip & feeling sleepy. But had to post a blog coz this is an internal part of my routine. Will share my travel experiences soon.
Happy day buddies!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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