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A Little Diwali Shopping Experience

I faced a tiny but funny incident today, when I went for shopping. When the shopping was almost done, at last I went to buy a traditional dress,for my son Siddharth, to wear on Diwali Poojan. He was wearing his new jacket, which we bought recently. While he was trying on his new dress he took off his jacket & kept it on the counter of the showroom. The salesman, who was attending us, was a bit irritating one, as he wasn’t giving us proper suggestions. He just wanted to sell off his stuff asap. My son tried two more dresses, finally we moved out of the showroom without buying anything. Leaving his new & favourite jacket behind. After that we went in two more shops.
When we were about to move out of the mall, I suddenly noticed & asked,”Where is your jacket?” I realised at once that it must have left at the traditional clothing showroom. I scolded Sid for his carelessness. As I was tired, I told him to go & check in that shop. He went running & after 10 minutes, came back empty handed. He said, mom I’ve asked them, they said they haven’t seen anything.
I became annoyed as I was quite sure that it’s left in that shop. Finally I went & checked, all the salesmen were sitting as if nothing has happened. They said Mam we’ve seen nothing, sometimes people leave their expensive cell phones or even credit cards, but we always secure them & return them to their owners. I was sure but still I didn’t have any option, so I gave them my mobile number & told them to call me if they find it. I doubted that salesman.
Our whole shopping experience was disturbed because that was a new & expensive one. I scolded Sid & realised my own mistake too. We sat in the car, the distance from the mall to our home is almost 10 minutes. In those ten minutes I had an argument in my mind. I made myself understand that whatever happens, happens for a reason & for our own good only. So may be…. and what would that salesman with that jacket. Most probably he would give it to his son, in that case also the jacket would not be a waste. At least someone needy will wear it. May be that jacket would have belonged to someone else. So, I prayed in my mind that whoever wear that jacket will wear it peacefully & happily. No regrets. By that time we reached home & guess what….?
As the car stopped, my phone rang & I got a call from that shop only. The person was saying Madam we have found your jacket, the guard have kept it in a corner.
I smiled & thought the shopping was worth it. 🙂
-Medhavi 🙂

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