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Teach me this assurance and expansion


O birds! You all are so free,
As if always on a freedom’s spree.
I wonder how fearless and expansive you are,
You seem even more powerful than a czar.
Being human I have the power of brain indeed,
But it’s you who are truly freed.
The way you spread your wings from the topmost branch of that tree,
It seems you are the most confident,
Oh! I just love thee.
And when you take a flight with that assurance,
Surely you cover a long distance.
It seems you embrace the wind and the sky,
With nature, you know how to comply.
I truly wish to learn this assurance, this fearlessness,
this expansion from you,
Being human I want to have these attributes,
Genuinely I want to come through.

A very happy and colourful Holi to all of you.
Stay blessed!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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