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Effortlessly Happy :-)

Few days ago, it was community service stay back in my daughter’s school. Where they have to teach under-privileged children. She came back so happy! Saying mom, they are so effortlessly happy. And I smiled & nodded. Because I feel the same thing when spend time with them. I see rawness in their eyes, they are untouched by the gadgets of the modern world, so innocent. Most of them belong to the families where clashes between parents are common. In some families husband beats his wife after drinking & in some he has left her for some other woman. But some belong to calm families too, where everything is fine. But one thing is common in them-they all are innocent & happy.
Really happiness doesn’t belong to money, big house, delicacies & big cars. It is completely an inner feeling, an internal notion.
And if we all are in pursuit of happiness why to bother unnecessarily.
Isn’t it all about being EFFORTLESSLY HAPPY 🙂

A very happy day friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂
Sharing the real pic by my daughter Divyanshi’s camera.

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