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The Sheer Selfishness


When a person is truly passionate about something & doing that particular task gives him immense satisfaction & happiness. That kind of happiness makes that man contented. He becomes stable in his thoughts & deeds.
Inner happiness is utter selfishness. Integrity in self is the most primary requirement when one wants to serve the society. And everyone must serve the society by giving them what they can truly & happily produce. That integrity comes when we are happy. And we become happy when we do or create the thing we love. The thing for which we live. The thing which is the purpose of our lives. The thing we are genuinely & honestly passionate about. So, creating something with inner happiness is selfishness because in the process the person is not thinking that he is doing it for someone else or what would be the result or how much money would he earn? He just accomplish that task with utter satisfaction. He just create selfishly, to make himself happy & in the process he creates something to give the society. His task is over after that & his work finished.
Now its the society’s turn to use that product, that creation & take benefit from it. That person who has created it is now on his way, to create, to produce something else, for himself. To satisfy his own self. To integrate himself further & in the process to serve the society once again.
I know one may find it a weird concept. But think about it further….isn’t it true?
Read this philosophy in the book “Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand.
Hope you would agree.
Thank you for your time buddies.
Have a truly happy  evening ahead!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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