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O fear, we need to talk

O fear, you’ve bothered me since ages. Tell me what do you want, why are you here? Your shackles are always there in the hands & feet of my subconscious mind. You keep on telling me the unknown consequences of my doings. That this would happen if I would do this or what people would think about me if I would do that. Why? Can’t you just let me be?

Fear is staring directly into my eyes, smiling cunningly, saying daringly, “It’s your weakness dear, which let me enter your subconscious, not my fault. I’m as natural as this existence. Don’t blame me. I don’t want much, just your confidence & peace of mind. Haha… Having an astray mind it’s you who give them the shape I desire. Of course I can let you be. Be strong enough, move ahead, push me out & close the fragile doors of your mind. But be sure to repair that threshold occasionally because as soon as I would notice an inlet, I would come naturally.”
It’s my turn now. I am thinking it’s me who write my own destiny not this stupid fear. My eyes are determinant. I am smiling politely, thanking fear for showing me the way & moving ahead. As soon as I take a step, it takes a step back. I am happy that I am fearing the fear. It’s simple, fear is out. I am closing the doors & feeling free.

Have a good day!!!
Medhavi 🙂