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5 insecurities obese people have

When we see around us, we can observe many thin people, who have a very good control on their senses or I must say they have an altogether different thinking towards food. But when it comes to obese people, we can easily observe their insecurities, their weaknesses & their surrendering towards food. As I’ve gone through this phase, sharing what I used to thought:

 1. This food is not enough for me


When they eat a bowl of curd, a banana, a bowl of veggie or dal etc… They keep contemplating that this food is less, I will keep hungry afterwards. And gradually they train their minds to think like that.

Of course I am not mentioning that the foods I named can be taken in the main course but one can easily have them to tackle in between meals hunger or at least hunger can be postponed for 2-3 hours.


2. I can do anything but can’t survive hunger


Obese people think of hunger as an emergency, the truth is, it is not. Life is what we think of, same is true with hunger.


[su_box title=”Power of soul ” style=”noise” box_color=”#0c108f” title_color=”#3f1889″]When the fuel gets finished, the car stops instantly. But when one’s food gets digested, though one feels hungry but one doesn’t stop as one runs on the power of soul.  [/su_box]


No matter what, we can easily tolerate hunger for few hours. For example choose that time of the day when you can tolerate it the most. It may be evening, noon or morning, but try practicing it.


3. I will be hungry again soon, if I won’t eat till fullness


Believe me it’s totally a self-generated myth. Just try eating till you are lightly, or to start with half, full and after a few minutes you will see that you are satisfied.

I read it in the book ‘The Beck Diet Solution’ by Dr. Judith Beck, that it takes 15-20 minutes to reach the message of food intake from stomach to brain, this is the reason why after one chapati, if second chapati is taking time, we feel our stomach nearly full, by the time it comes.

And don’t keep thinking that I ate lesser food than required, this thought will make you hungry again. Remember weight loss is about training your mind as well & you always have an option to eat whenever you are hungry again.

Learn to be honest with yourself. Start training your mind that ‘I eat much more than required by my body’.


4. I would feel weak if I won’t eat


This is again a myth. Weight loss journey is about training our mind, that helps us explore our hidden capababilities of higher thinking & strong will power.


[su_highlight]Remember how do you feel when your mind is free of all tensions & worries, it feels lighter & you feel awesome. Isn’t it? Similarly, hunger gives our stomach freedom to have some time, to be alone, so that it can heal & can work on itself. Think of it as an individual entity, have faith that it will be very thankful to you for this.[/su_highlight]


5. What if I would feel hungry late at night

If you had an early dinner, don’t panic about hunger striking late at night. If by the time you sleep, you are hungry you can have a cup of milk or few dry fruits or a banana instead of any junk food. And if hunger is that strong that it’s disturbing your sleep then again you can eat any one of them at midnight as well.


[su_box title=”Right path ” box_color=”#e3392e” title_color=”#2b0c66″]Obesity has trained us in the wrong direction, we have lost faith in ourselves. Keep law of attraction in mind, positive approach towards loosing weight would yield you positive results. [/su_box]My personal experience is: when I am mildly hungry at the time of sleeping, then also my sleep doesn’t get disturbed & when I wake up next morning my stomach stays the same as it was yesterday because it has the habit of waking up like this since years.


That’s all friends. Do let me know if you have any questions in mind & I would love to hear if you want me to write on any topic you have in mind.

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Love, peace & good health

Medhavi 🙂

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