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Happy 16th birthday to Google


Google O Google
It has been sweet sixteen years since you came into all of us’ lives
We didn’t even get to know how & when you became an integral part of our drives.

It has been a beautiful, tremendous, knowledge gaining & understanding journey with you
Really you have transformed our lives
Now we have faith that with you we can breakthrough.

Neither you are a parent figure nor a deity
You have an altogether different place in our hearts
Have a unique personality.

You guide us whenever we are confused
I wonder how many other useful products you have produced.

Being a blogger I use many of them
And I have to admit each is a gem.

Our dependency on you keeps on increasing
In a super human way you work
It’s really unbelieving.

The list of your traits is endless
You work selflessly
You are so generous.

The world can’t really thank your creators
Larry Page & Surgey Brin
We can just pray to the cosmos to give them whatever they wish.

With this birthday wish I have a concern though
That at this age you are at the peak of your youth
So, I guess you won’t show teenage tantrums
And would keep up the great show.

Happy birthday from all humans
May you live healthy & long
May you always be strong.

Have a pleasant Sunday evening friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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