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Blissful emptiness


Two doors,
From one fresh, positive, blissful & tranquil air is flowing in
And from the other the used air, which has collected all our garbage within, is going out.

Keep both the doors open
If anyone of them is closed or half-closed
It causes trouble
And the negativity lies within starts to multiply itself
Which causes pressure on the roof of the room.

So, what are you waiting for
Pick up the broom of your conscience and intellect and go ahead
Open the doors wide open & let the fresh air come in & negativity move out.

Keep your room empty because emptiness is blissful
It’s you, only you, who wants that garbage
If not, how come you are in trouble?
Get up friend, see your room from the rooftop
Use your mind as a prop.

Happy day!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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