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If I’m happy, I’m happy

If I’m happy, I’m happy.
I show it.
If I’m feeling good, I’m feeling good.
I show it.
If I’m sad, I’m sad.
But I don’t show it.
If I’m angry, I’m angry,
But I don’t show it.
I cover my sadness & anger with a smile,
I try to analyse the reason.
I try to find my mistake,
I try to absorb my anger.
I try to forget things,
If needed I talk to that person,
If it’s my mistake, I apologise.
If it’s their mistake & they don’t apologise,
I don’t wait for their apology.
Finally I forget & forgive.
It may take some time,
But I smile again.
I feel happy again.
I feel good again.

I wish I could be like that.
Thank you friends & have a great day.
-Medhavi 🙂

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