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There are some rules in our society which required an instant change, because they are so biased, discriminating & hurting. We’ve lived with them since ages. We have to see them through a new perspective; if we want equality in our lives.
One of them is: When a man dies, why people say to his wife,”Now what will happen to you, who will run the house?” They break her bangles, spread her sindoor, in short they torture her. Why these rules are for women only? Why have been they made?
Excuse me, can anyone tell me whether the woman should cry because she loved her husband or because she is insecure now? Obviously every woman loves her husband but why everyone always raises the question of financial insecurity only? That too matters but the truth is no one has to do anything with the feelings of that woman/family. They just do some gossip, go back to their houses & start living as ever. Without thinking what that family must be going through. If someone is really concerned, they should just go there, sit quietly show some real sympathy to the family, should pray for the departed soul & if they can, if only they can, they should help them financially or emotionally or by any other mean. I hope what I’m saying is right.
Second is: In our families we give more importance to the people who earn more. Why?
Do you think this should be the criteria for loving/respecting someone? This is the reason why earning husbands always get much more attention over their home maker wives. If he is fallen sick, everyone create a hullabaloo. On the other hand if the wife gets sick, either everybody would say she doesn’t have enough patience or they just won’t give the required care to her. In family functions also everybody welcomes the rich relative more warmly than an average earner relative. Should it be the criteria to judge a person?
Third thing I’ve noticed is the love of parents for their children. When children are young, in their childhood, parents love them unconditionally, they just love them for their being, for their originality. But as the kids start growing, gradually the whole scenario starts to change. Parents’ expectations start to increase, for studies, for extra curricular activities, for their over all personality. Because every parent is doing this, so if some parent is still untouched by this “pressurise the kids philosophy” start feeling that I think I’m not doing enough justice to my parenthood. Other parents also pressurise that parent to become like them. They say you have given too much freedom to your kids, you’ll see they won’t turn out to be “that” successful in their lives or you are spoiling them or how can you be such a cool parent, kids can easily fool you.
Parents we should not forget that kids are indeed a part of us, but apart from that they have an individual identity too. They are separate beings, with separate missions. Just let them be, just be there for them always, just show them the way.
Do you remember they were born with a spark in their eyes, with a whole new eye to see the world, to do their own experiments. It’s okay we should teach them good things in life but we can be with them till a certain limit, after that they have to be on their own. Then why do we force them to see the world through our eyes. Everybody does mistakes in lives, they will also do & learn from them. So juts let them be.
I hope I’ve conveyed properly what I was thinking. What do you have to say?
Thank you for your time & patience. Have a wonderful day!!
-Medhavi 🙂

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