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Imaginary Rain


An imaginary rain, serene and divine,
Has droplets benign.

When stops the world seems rejuvenated,
Every nook and cranny is elated.

Every living being is blissful now,
In respect of nature they bow.

Surprisingly all the nations’ boundaries have been dissolved too,
It’s one world now, which respects each view.

And do you know we are blessed that even the walls of religions
have also been disappeared,
No differentiation of cast and creed, each is equal,
Look, how this serene rain has pioneered.

Can you imagine this rain has succeeded
in washing away all the woes of humans,
Now there is only happiness,
Everybody shines like a diamond.

And above all this pouring has poured out
All the deficiencies of people’s minds,
Now everybody is perfect, peaceful,
fearless and defined.

Come, let us imagine this divine rain,
And shift ourselves on to the next plane.

Happy Monday pals!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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