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Inauguration: Dharma For Life

“Dharma For Life Premiere: An Evening of Wisdom and Wellness”, held at The Tulip Clubhouse on January 20, 2024, was a noteworthy intellectual event organised by Dr. Medhavi Jain, the Founder of Dharma For Life. The purpose of this event was to foster intellectual engagement and cultural exploration.

The event commenced at 2:30 PM with a warm welcome tea, setting the tone for an afternoon filled with intellectual discourse. As the guests settled in, the program progressed with Mangalacharan by Mrs. Anita Jain, followed by the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolising the enlightenment that awaited the audience.

At the heart of the event was a presentation by Dr Medhavi Jain, offering the inauguration of Dharma For Life, a unit of the Tulip Foundation. The Tulip Foundation, established by Mr Parveen Jain, focuses on holistic development, emphasising education, health services, and rural infrastructure.

Dharma For Life outlines its objectives with dual focuses, placing significance on scholarly pursuits like seminars, conferences, and discussions on Jain philosophy, as well as engaging in non-scholarly initiatives. Its aim is to revive ancient Indian wisdom through translation projects, digitization, and the promotion of quality research. The yearly plan for 2024 includes quarterly meetings, round table discussions, seminars, and maintaining an active online presence.

Dr. Medhavi Jain is a prolific figure with a diverse portfolio. Beyond her literary contributions and leadership roles, she holds a Doctorate and is a Master Spirit Life Coach. Her ongoing projects include a scholarly book on Jainism, recording lectures on the 2000-year-old philosophical text Samayasāra, and addressing the philosophical queries of Millennials. Her book, “जीवन के 121 सूत्र,” was launched during the program. The vibrant atmosphere, book signings, and engaging interactions between the author and the audience made the book launch event even more successful.

The first session started at 3:30 PM and featured a lecture by Prof. Ashok Kumar Jain, a former physicist at IIT Roorkee. Prof. Jain delved into the profound work ‘वर्ण, जाति और धर्म’ by Pt. Phool Chand Jain Shastri, exploring the intricate relationship between caste, lineage, and religion. His erudite insights captivated the audience, offering a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding.

Dr Shugan Chand Jain, the Founder of the International School For Jain Studies, graced the event with his notable presence, adding prestige to the distinguished gathering. In his speech, he extended his best wishes to the commendable initiatives of Dharma For Life, acknowledging its significant contributions to noble causes.

After a brief tea break at 4:30 PM, the second session commenced at 4:45 PM with a panel discussion titled “Modern Context of Ancient Indian Wisdom.” The panellists included eminent figures such as Prof. Anekant Kumar Jain, Head of the Dept. of Jain Philosophy at Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University; Dr Ashok Kumar Jain; Dr Medhavi Jain; and Dr Swati Jain, a 23-year AI and analytics veteran who serves as a Partner at Deloitte; and Dr Anil Kumar Jain, a Physics PhD with a successful career in Petroleum Engineering. This diverse panel engaged in a thought-provoking discourse, exploring the relevance of age-old wisdom in the contemporary world.

The event reached its peak at 6 PM with a conclusion by Dr Vibha Jain, former Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce at the University of Delhi. Her closing remarks synthesised the day’s discussions, leaving the audience with a sense of intellectual fulfilment. The transition from the intellectual proceedings to a Satvik Jain Dinner further enriched the overall experience, providing attendees with an opportunity for informal discussions and networking.

Thus, on this intellectual evening, attendees learned about Jain philosophy through enlightening presentations, scholarly discussions, and a vibrant panel. It helped them better understand and appreciate the ancient wisdom in today’s world. Dharma For Life emerges as a beacon, not only promoting Jain philosophy but also contributing to the broader community’s intellectual and cultural enrichment.