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Inauguration: Dharma For Life

“Dharma For Life Premiere: An Evening of Wisdom and Wellness”, held at The Tulip Clubhouse on January 20, 2024, was a noteworthy intellectual event organised by Dr. Medhavi Jain, the Founder of Dharma For Life. The purpose of this event was to foster intellectual engagement and cultural exploration. The event commenced…

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Sanjeevani Naturopathy Centre-Gohana

[su_box title="Observation " style="glass" box_color="#f5ed72" title_color="#2b0c66" radius="6"]Sometimes one finds that quality of transparency, dedication & satisfaction in a work culture which can be a role model even for the bigger corporate cultures. [/su_box] I was feeling a bit awkward visiting a naturopathy centre for the very first time in life because…

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