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Medium to express


I don’t know what inner transformation exactly is! But I have gone through it for sure, though gradually.
I don’t know what meditation is, but whenever I write I am on a different plane.
I don’t know what peace of mind is, but whenever I am angry or disturbed, soon I get a state which is blissful. As somewhere we all know anger & disturbance are not what this life is about. It’s about how to attain tranquility.
I don’t know how to change the world, but I believe self-improvement is the key to it.
I don’t know what is the ultimate goal of this existence, but I can feel life is not limited to this span only. It is broader and it has to so something with the infinity because often I feel it within.
I don’t know how does a soul look like but I can feel it’s the consciousness and it is the same in all living beings whether it’s an animal or a tree.
I don’t know why and how I write; but I can see ideas come to me on their own as if they have their own independent existence and I am just a medium to express them.

Wish you all a very happy week ahead friends!!!
Medhavi 🙂

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