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When A Seeker is Strong Enough


There comes a stage in search of the truth, when the seeker stops believing or following blindly. When he starts getting rational with the deities or any great personality standing in front of him; that is he/she worth of my worship? Should I bow, in respect, in front of her? And if that personality doesn’t fulfill his intellectual requirement, the seeker feels free to avoid her. Yes, of course they can be friends or acquaintances; but there cannot be a relationship of a Guru and a disciple or God and his devotee.

We all should make ourselves that strong. It happens with some of our festivals and rituals as well, which we are celebrating since ages.

It is always good to ask questions and satisfy one’s logical reasoning, unbiasedly. We must not forget that what we should value, are virtues and not physical appearance. We must follow those or worship those who are either on the path of truth or who have attained the Godhood by following that true path.

We must remember that the path of truth is always unbiased, non-violent, compassionate, honest and hard-working. It is one, which surely leads us to the ultimate bliss. There are many paths towards that ‘one’ truth.  Some end in the middle or somewhere else; while the real one leads us there, in an eternal blissful sate. We just have to be strong, courageous and honest enough to walk on that path.

Thank you friends. Have a great day!!!

Medhavi 🙂

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